Infrared Sauna in Kiev

We are glad to encourage you on your way to improving your health and well-being. So, we invite you to visit our infrared sauna before massage.

Sauna massage in KievIn an infrared sauna, the effects of heat on the human organisme correspond to the general impact. The main feature of this procedure is that the infrared sauna directly heats the body, not the air. Thus, the effects on the organisme come from the first minute. So, the body temperature can reach 38º C during 1-2 minutes. Besides, there is an inhibitory effect on pathogens. Skin pores are gradually expanded and remove sweat and toxins..

We invite you to relax in the sauna only in combination with massage. The session of sauna in Kiev is performed before a massage and may be accompanied by a cup of tea.

The infrared sauna heats the body to a depth of about 4 cm (in contrast to the usual sauna, where a depth of heating is only 0.5 cm). As a result, the impact of the infrared sauna is more intense. Our sauna in Kiev gives warm not only to the bones and muscles but also to the internal organs. Thanks to this deep warming, sweat excretion is increased, and removal of toxins improves. About 95% of water and 5% of toxins comes out from the organisme in a typical bath-houses. The infrared sauna exits 80% and 20%, respectively. Thus, this procedure cleans the body, improves mood and increases energetic potential.

The combination of massage and sauna is the powerful instrument of disease prevention. Besides, the combination of these procedures repeatedly reinforces their efficiency.

Burning fat and calories: the infrared sauna helps to burn up to 600 calories in 30 minutes (for instance, a 30-minute jog burns 300 calories).

Therapeutic effects::

  • As a result of the periodic infrared procedure and massage, blood cholesterol decreases, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and normalizes blood pressure.
  • The walls of vessels become stronger and more elastic.
  • The immune system improves its efficiency, increases the overall resistance to colds and infectious diseases.
  • Heavy sweating facilitates the work of the kidneys; vasodilation stabilizes blood circulation.
  • Accelerates the treatment of chronic diseases of the ear, nose and throat.
  • Relieves pain in the joints, muscles, back, headaches.
  • Accelerates the healing of wounds, bruises, injuries, fractures, resorption of hematomas.
  • Prevention of diseases such as bursitis, rheumatism, arthritis, and hemorrhoids.
  • A good reducing agent after the sports training and physical activity.
  • Sauna and massage have comfortable warm soothing effect on the nervous system; it eliminates insomnia, stress, and nervousness.


  • You should consult your doctor in case of any medical treatment.
  • The presence of tumors (benign or malignant) or suspicion of their presence.
  • Menstrual cycle. Any other bleeding.
  • Pregnant women, high blood pressure, infectious patients after surgery – the infrared sauna visit is possible only with permission of a doctor.
  • Fresh injury.
  • Catarrhal or other diseases accompanied by fever.
  • The presence of implants.
Nomber of personsDuration in minutesCost, UAH

The price includes tea and a set of disposable linen.