Manual Massage in Kiev

Manual massage Kiev Manual therapy in Kiev has the significant impact on the spine, muscles, and joints to relieve pain, elimination of dislocation, reduction of hernias, comparing bone fragments, and the production of immobilization.

Manual procedures is one of the best techniques, which helps to relieve pain as quickly as possible and with minimal risk.

Manual massage Kiev Any human disease is a consequence of the physical and energetic disorder in the body. Our masseur uses a mixed technique, which makes the powerful preventive effect on the entire human organisme as a whole. Besides, this massage influences the individual systems, such as musculoskeletal (stabilization and prevention of displacement of the vertebrae, muscle spasms, and others), nervous, cardiovascular, as well as individual bioenergy streams and fields. So, these are the primary benefits of manual therapy.

Our massage therapists use individual approach and technique for each client. So, it allows making diagnostics, disease prevention, correction of the musculoskeletal, and treatment of the back. The session of manual massage will align the flow of bio-energy both in the body and outside the human biofield.

Manual massage in Kiev has many medical reasons, such as:

  • physical and mental fatigue;
  • prevention of diseases of musculoskeletal,
  • peripheral nervous system;
  • injuries of muscular and skeletal systems;
  • treatment of back;
  • correction of spinal curvature;
  • the protrusion, spinal hernia;
  • inflammatory diseases of joints, spinal muscular and nervous systems;
  • сhronic fatigue and lack of sleep.

Our experienced manual therapist performs the procedure. Additionally, during a session, you can do exercises of therapeutic physical training complex for relaxation and stress relief to muscles of body. Besides, such therapy will bring tissues into the tone and extract the spine for scoliosis. Also, our masseur can offer you a complex of special breathing exercises, a set of exercises to strengthen the blood circulation, which can improve the musculoskeletal mobility.

The recommended course of manual therapy involves 10 – 20 sessions.

Duration in minutesCost, UAH