Massage in Kiev

Ladies and gentlemen, massage parlor “Meliors” offers massage in Kiev. There is a variety of techniques in our arsenal that not only relieve pain but also improve your mood and well-being. Only a good massage in Kiev is capable to do it.

Массаж КиевMassage in the city center,
Proreznaya Street, 22, code 140
tel: (067) 738 97 48, (044) 209 46 69

We employ only specialists with the higher medical education, who are specially trained. Therefore, you will find a warm welcome and professionalism.

Individual types of massage in our massage parlor techniques will be picked up for you. We offer a full range of body care services, treatment and prevention of diseases of the nervous system and the musculoskeletal system, weight loss, rejuvenation, as well as rare and exotic massages.

Only we can offer such unique massage as Premium massage in six hands, exclusive snake massage, and others.

Only a few specialists are able to suggest such massage therapy in our massage salon. You can feel our friendly atmosphere and the caring hands of professionals who are ready to fulfill all your wishes.

Our massage is accompanied by pleasant music in the background of cozy candlelight.

We do massage only in our massage salon in city center. Our massage in Kiev is conducted by appointment only. Sessions after 22.00 are charged at double rate.

Here you will find the massage, which you always dreamed of ...