Thai traditional massage

Тайский массаж КиевThe main difference of oriental massage from the European techniques is the extensive involvement of energy channels (meridians) and biologically active points of the body. Thai massage is filled with a variety of techniques and their variants. The therapist gives massage not only with hands but also the feet, elbows and other parts of the body. In the course of Thai massage in Kiev, the weight of the therapist’s body is the primary factor, so the Thai massage should be performed on the floor, on the mat.

Classic Thai massage in Kiev is one of the most ancient healing practices, as its origins come from Yoga, Ayurveda, and Buddhism. So, it is a unique massage therapy and relaxation techniques. It combines rhythmic techniques, acupressure, twisting, pulling, and squeezing. During the procedure, there is stimulation of the canals and the discovery of new energy sources.

Тайский массаж КиевThai massage in Kiev has numerous benefits. Firstly, it is a healing massage and traditional therapy to relieve stress and tension. Secondly, Thai massage help to eliminate pain and discomfort in the back, neck, shoulders, elimination clips, stagnation, as well as sports injuries and destruction of muscle tendons. This massage mobilizes and activates all parts of your body thoroughly and vigorously. As a result, you will be filled with positive life energy and health.

The benefits of Thai massage:
- Improvement of the physiological and psychological resistance;
- Stimulation and relaxation of muscles, increasing their elasticity;
- The elimination of general weakness and muscle spasm;
- Normalization of blood circulation and lymph flow activation;
- Exemption from the energy blocks, renewal of energy channels;
- Total relaxation and elimination of stress.

Thai massage is performed on a special mat. So, the clients should be dressed in the light clothing of the non-slip fabric.


90 min

700 UAH

120 min

1050 UAH

180 min

1400 UAH