Snake Massage

The most extreme and unusual feeling!

Snake massage Kiev

Snake massage is the unique and unusual type of procedure in Kiev, which brings a unique and unforgettable experience. It is suitable for those, who enjoy the unusual and extreme feelings. It is a type of animal therapy, which has been successfully used for stress relief, relaxation and achievement of the spiritual harmony. The animal therapy are efficient for the treatment of migraine headaches, back pain, muscle spasm of back and shoulders, and psychosomatic disorders.

There are Boa constrictor imperator, royal python albino in our arsenal. They relax, rejuvenate and give the extreme pleasure to the most whimsical lovers of massage.

Snake massage primarily produces a calming effect: heat is transferred through tactile contact and enables to feel a deep muscle relaxation in 3 – 5 minutes. As a result, you will feel a sense of calm and confidence both in your body and outside world. This unusual session and communication with them make it possible to restore a harmonious perception of your soul and world. It produced a high degree of self-esteem and self-confidence.

All snakes are specially grown in the artificial conditions. So, they are completely safe and non-toxic. The free photographing of tis procedure is possible on the client’s request.

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