Singing bowls massage

You will go into a trance…

Massage with singing bowls is a type of sound-vibration massage in which special metal bowls are used to extract sound and vibrations.

Singing bowls massage Kiev

  • tibetan alloy bowls of seven metals
  • have different timbre, sound and vibration
  • purification of aura and energy occurs
  • maximum physical and mental relaxation
  • aromatic herbal tea after massage
It is scientifically proven that sounds of a certain frequency, which come out at different intervals, can destroy pathogenic microbes, relax the human muscular system and remove it from depression.

Singing bowls massage KievDuring the Tibetan massage, singing bowls spread bowls around the client from which an unusual sound is extracted. Then some bowls are placed on the surface of the body and a pleasant vibration is connected.

After exposure to singing bowls, many note that after a session, having returned from a trance state, they gain clarity, harmony of the soul and tranquility, as well as find answers and solutions to long-suffering problems.

We invite you to pay attention to the SPA “Seventh Heaven”, the complex of which includes this procedure.

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