Hot Stone Massage in Kiev

Hot stone massage KievIs one of the most unusual and efficient types of massage in Kiev. This unique therapy is based on the temperature influence on human body, especially on muscles and blood vessels.

Therapy involves the use of stones, which have a particular temperature. Hot relax the muscles well, and the cold ones stimulate blood circulation and metabolism. The contrast procedure, which involves the quick-change hot and cold stones, has the enormous influence on the organism. The application of contrast temperatures has a positive effect on vascular tone and strengthens their walls. Hot massage is able to remove muscle spasms, headaches, and fatigue, back pain, restore metabolism and relieve stress. As a result of activation of the metabolic processes, the organism removes the toxins.

Stones accumulate light energy and give inspiration. Our massage therapists are highly experienced and familiar with all secrets of stone therapy. So, we are always glad to use this technique to remove negative psychological energy, give you relaxation and recovery.

Our experienced therapists use only the stones of volcanic origin. They can maintain the required temperature longer. Besides, they warm up the body’s tissues deeply, which contributes to deep relaxation. Also, a large variety of massage oils is used to increase the positive effect.

The procedure brings you long lasting effects. As a result, you will become more prudent and calm. This is an excellent way to relax, listen to your body, and find your inner harmony.

This therapy improves hormonal balance and updates the cells, while the contrasting massage with hot and cold stones reduces cellulite.

You should see a video of an example of hot stone massage


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