Fire massage

Fire massage refers to one of the most unusual and exciting types of massage because it combines therapeutic techniques with the efficient influence of fire.

Fire massage Kiev

The fantastic combination of essential oils, pleasant music, relaxing manipulations by the masseur, a cozy entourage and mystical flame make this procedure not only fascinating but still quite useful.

Fire massage is a completely safe and painless procedure. Firstly, the body is kneaded with the application of essential oils, and the special towel soaked in the herbal infusion is put on the back and other parts of the body. Later, the guest is covered with a wet towel and poured with a unique inflammable solution of curative herbs. The professional therapist sets the top towel on fire. After warming up the necessary zone thoroughly, the masseur continues kneading the body using manipulations that have a curative and relaxing effect.

We invite you to pay attention to the SPA “Fire Flower”, the complex of which includes this procedure.

Duration in minutes

Cost, UAH