Branded Massage Nirvana

Massage NirvanaWe offer you a unique and fantastic procedure in Kiev. The session represents the combination of various techniques, such as manual massage, with bamboo sticks and hot stones.

Our massage therapists combine three the most interesting types of massage and use the most effective and important elements of these techniques. So, it helps us to transform this into a real art.
We us elite Italian oils.

Massage NirvanaDuring this procedure you get into resonance with the warm stone, bamboo and vibration energy from the therapist’s hands. Thus, you can feel where your own energy is not enough. This massage makes your body’s energy merged and healed. The technicians of all the elements of massage fall in unison and become an orchestra, which help you to achieve the highest harmony.

The session of “Nirvana” will combine the flows of your energy together and will give you the feeling of great inner freedom…Massage Nirvana

Branded Nirvana has all the basic qualities of the included techniques. For instance, Nirvana:

  • has a more targeted influence;
  • considerably improves blood circulation in the body;
  • provides deep heating of the body tissue;
  • has the therapeutic effect, the removal of pain and inflammation;
  • completes muscle relaxation and eliminates spasms;
  • prevention of a huge number of diseases;
  • removal of edema and cellulite reduction;
  • provides persistent psychological relaxation;
  • helps to achieve harmony with the outside world.

The recommended course involves 10 – 15 sessions.

Prices for one person:

Duration in minutesCost, UAH

Prices for two people in one room:

Duration in minutesCost, UAH