Bamboo Massage

Bamboo massage Kiev

Is the massage with bamboo sticks. It is also called the Creole massage, which was borrowed from the Creoles and the Japanese. It has a medicinal effect on the entire body and the parts of the body.

Is performed with the bamboo sticks, which are made of solid bamboo wood, having a cavity inside, which is filled with special grain. This type of massage is performed with the pleasant rhythmic music that depends on the desirable goal. The pace of the music sets the rhythm of massage movements.

The effect of relaxation:

  • elimination of muscle tension and spasms, relax of weary muscles after sports training or physical work.
  • relaxation of the nervous system after the psychological and emotional stress, and feelings of depression. The formation of energy balances in the organism and the nervous system.
  • thoughts tranquility. Complete relaxation of consciousness and the emergence of clarity and sense of ease.

These procedures are done with the small strokes (shot) along the body at a rate of 100 beats per minute. In this case, the relaxing music for the formation of pace and relax of the client is required. The strokes of bamboo chopsticks held tangentially, whereby the customer can feel a vibration that caused with their internal contents. Bamboo sticks are elastic and strong. So, they cannot cause injury or pain to the patient.

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