Exotic massage

Exotic massageExotic massage differs from the classical one in that during the procedure non-traditional means are used, objects (stones, bamboo), even animals (snakes, snails) and certain techniques for special effects on the human body. Such techniques combine physical factors affecting the skin and body with the qualities necessary for health and the special effects of the agents used (energy of nature). Massage Salon Meliors has a large selection of these types of massage. You are waiting for a pleasant, sometimes extreme, unusual sensations that will be remembered for a long time.

Exotic massage combines a large variety of techniques. Some are the ancient traditions of the peoples of the world, preserving the ancient rituals, others – developed by masters on the basis of knowledge, experience, turned into real art by them.

Types of exotic massage:

  • Brand Nirvana, we turned the massage into a real art – we combined the three most interesting types – hand, bamboo sticks, hot stones. Carries interesting, relaxing sensations. It is carried out only in our salon;
  • real snakes, during which there is a union with nature. Snakes are not poisonous, tame, do not bite, very pleasant to the touch. Well relax the muscular system. Can relieve headache, negative energy;
  • african snails, the most natural and safe type of cosmetic procedures. Snails, crawling on the surface of the face, leaving mucus, which has a rejuvenating and anti-inflammatory effect;
  • healing fire, a very fascinating, unusual procedure, while fully adhering to safety, performed by a professional master, has a relaxing, healing, anti-cellulite effect;
  • hot stones, carried out with basalt stones of volcanic nature, which for a long time maintain the temperature, deep warming up of tissues takes place, carries a pleasant relaxing and curative result;
  • bamboo sticks, held bamboo, hollow inside, filled with special grains, performed stroking, rhythmic tapping and other movements that have a calming effect.

Benefit and effect

All types of massage offered by our salon will help you relax well, get a lot of emotions, impressions, have a great leisure time with benefits for your health. They will help to sculpture the figure, reduce the appearance of cellulite, relieve muscle spasm, improve the functioning of the joints, strengthen the immune system, improve the psycho-emotional state.

We invite you to an exotic massage in the massage salon Meliors. We have a comfortable atmosphere, good service, professional craftsmen, fully owning classic and exotic techniques. High quality, safe tools and tools are used. All sessions are safe and effective.