Honey massage

Honey massage in Kiev is a wonderful tool to maintain the excellent health at various overloads and stress, as it perfectly removes fatigue, fills the body with novelty, and gives the feeling of flying. Its primary goal is the purification of energy channels, reinforcement in spinal diseases, and discomfort in the joints. It is the best charging energy both for the internal organs, and the etheric bodies.

Vigor, vitality and physical ease occur after the massage honey, the painful sensations disappear.

Massage honey in Kiev for colds, coughs, sciatica is both efficient and indispensable procedure. It has excellent anti-cellulite properties. A sharp increase in blood flow in the deep strata of the skin and the muscle fibers helps to improve the nutrition of internal organs and tissues.

Honey, releasing biologically active substances, adsorbs toxins and promotes their rapid excretion from the body.

As a result, skin becomes silky, supple, subcutaneous seals are smoothed, and the overall health improves. We use only natural honey for the massage.

The general course of honey massage involves 10-15 sessions with an intervals of 1-2 days.


Honey back massage

45 min

370 UAH


Honey full body massage

60 мин

90 мин

450 UAH

670 UAH