Sport massage in Kiev

Sport massage Kiev Sport massage in Kiev is performed mainly for the healthy people, who are engaged in the systematic exercise stress. It promotes physical perfection. This type of massage aims to combat fatigue, increase the efficiency, and eliminate injuries. Sport massage in Kiev promotes the rapid achievement of healthy and strong body.

Sport session has a more rigid methodology and targeting various groups of muscles.

The general course involves 10-15 sessions with an intervals of 1-2 days.

Duration in minutesCost, UAH

Procedures are necessary for people with low sensitivity, a large volume of muscle mass, in order to prepare them for training and competition, improve endurance, increase efficiency, eliminate fatigue, restore the tone after weight training

One of the variants of procedures is restorative. To recover from prolonged intense coaching, the athlete sometimes takes several days, so the volume and strength of the massage should be appropriate – an order of magnitude higher than after short-term loads. Begin a sports massage after such indices of the body as pulse and breathing normalized and returned to their usual limits.

These mashing exercises are an integral part of the training and competitive processes that enable the athlete to have an excellent physical shape, to be hardy, less tired and quickly recovered from sports loads.