Six Hands Massage in Kiev

Six hands massage KievPremium Six Hands Massage in Kiev is an exclusive seanses. It is held by three masters simultaneously. Three massage therapists are working on the whole body from head to feet. Its effect on the body and the emotional impact are unique and surpasses all known massage techniques in three times. During the Six Hands Massage in Kiev, you quickly lose the feeling of our specialists’ hands. You just enjoy the procedure and have fun.

Premium Six Hands Massage will bring you an unforgettable experience and supply of energy for a long time. Only our masters can provide you the highest level of such type of massage.

Duration in minutesCost, UAH

Sessions in 6 hands in Kiev is considered difficult for proper execution and at the same time very exclusive and delivering a maximum of pleasant sensations. Once it was the privilege of the most expensive guests of the most prestigious spa salons. Has the most unusual relaxing effect, the magic dance of arms on your organisme, which brings you into harmony and deep relaxation.

In the process of performing a procedure, synchronous actions of so many masseurs are of great importance. These masseurs must simultaneously begin and finish the elaboration of those or other parts of the organisme. That’s why not only professional skills are important, but also mutual understanding of masters. In Kiev, these sessions can provide you with our salon.