Body massage in Kiev

Body massage in Kiev Full body massage in “Meliors” is an excellent way to prevent an enormous number of diseases. It is use speeds up the removal of pain, edema, adhesions, accelerates the healing of injured tissues.

Healing sessions revives force of weary muscles and increases their elasticity, restores working capacity, strengthens joints and ligaments, increases metabolism and burns excess fat. It has a profound effect on the nervous system, improves blood and lymph circulation.

Full body massage in Kiev consists of a massage of the neck, back, arms, and legs. If it is necessary, the massage of the head, hands and feet can be used.

The general course involves 10-15 sessions with an intervals of 1-2 days.

Duration in minutesCost, UAH

Massage is a preventive and curative impact on the body. This is an important element of European and Eastern medicine. Now there are many kinds and schools, one of them is the classic full body massage in Kiev, which we carry out. This technique is the use of basic and secondary techniques of manual massage. The basic elements include stroking, grinding, kneading and vibration. When performing this procedure in Kiev, our salon uses elements of point manipulations to significantly enhance the effect of the procedure.

All methods work on the basis of reflexes and stimulate changes in the functional state of all parts of the central nervous system. Effects can also have an anesthetic effect. In general, such studies in the body cause a complex reaction, which is divided into three interrelated components: local, segmental and full.