Classic massage

Classic massageClassic massage is a time-tested and at the same time modern method of treatment and prevention of a large number of diseases. It relieves pain, swelling, normalizes the functions of internal organs and systems, accelerates the recovery of injured tissues, improves muscle tone, the functioning of the musculoskeletal system, strengthens the joint-ligamentous apparatus and has a general strengthening effect on the body as a whole.

In principle, a classic massage is a manual effect on the entire surface of the body or its individual zones.

Types of massage the entire surface of the body:

  • full body classical, which includes the study of the neck, back, arms, legs, perhaps additionally head, hands, feet. In our salon is conducted with an average intensity. Its variations are:
  • relaxing, there is a study of the whole body in an easy, relaxing technique aimed at relaxation and tranquility, more stroking movements are used;
  • sport, usually used for people with low sensitivity or involved in sports and regular physical activity, can be used after training;
  • honey, due to the unique properties of honey is used for medicinal or anti-cellulite purposes. Considering that honey has a viscous structure, it is not suitable for relaxing procedures;
  • 4 hands, the same general classic, only performed simultaneously by two massage therapists who had additional practice for the simultaneous execution of this procedure. Carries effect two times stronger than usual;
  • 6 hands, similar to a massage in 4 hands and performed by trained massage therapists, but the effect is three times stronger than conventional procedures;
  • for two in one room, performed by candlelight and quiet music. Session options for this procedure may be different, the choice of those presented on our website and are very popular.

Types of massage of individual parts of the body:

  • back and neck, only these zones are being worked out, it is carried out with a therapeutic and prophylactic purpose for scoliosis, osteochondrosis and other diseases;
  • feet and legs, is indicated for relieving fatigue after a long walk, edema of the lower limbs, after injuries and simply for those who like such sessions;
  • back and legs or arms, if there is no time or desire to undergo a general session, then it can be reduced to a similar procedure.

Classical massage includes the execution of such techniques as popoglazhivanie, rubbing, tingling, kneading, point effects. For a better sliding of the hands of the masseur, special massage oils are usually used.